So we’re here now, sixty days out from Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas! You can feel the anticipation building in the partner channel as more folks continue to register. Prices for passes will be going up again in days to $2,595 so now’s your last chance to get in at the lower price!

For those of us who booked our trips months ago though, there are still some things to get done.

1. Book your travel

If you haven’t done so yet, book it now! Flight prices have already been going up and options are getting more limited. Hotels are filling up and getting pricier too. Maybe look for someone who’s already booked and is looking for a roommate to share some costs!

2. Logowear

Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas! It’s going to be amazing! But now for a little reality check. It’s hot in Vegas in July…really hot! We’re talking 105F degrees or more for daytime highs. Someone’s going to say “but it’s a dry heat”. First off, 105F dry or not isn’t comfortable in a dress shirt and/or jacket. But…Vegas also gets thunderstorms in the summer, like Phoenix and so while the temp might drop a few degrees, the humidity may skyrocket. Which brings me to my point: You’re going to want clothing that’s going to allow you to go from the cool (even cold) that you may find on the show floor or arena to “fry an egg on the sidewalk”. If you need some new polo shirts or other clothes, now’s the time to get them, before it’s too late!

3. Business Cards

Inspire is all about the networking! That means you’ll potentially be meeting hundreds of people (bear in mind that now with the combined Inspire and Ready conferences in Vegas that week there will be close to 40,000 Microsoft and Microsoft partner people there). You’re going to need a hefty stack of business cards to hand out and maybe some giveaways or other items too! Now’s the time to get those created so that you’re not trying to frantically get them done and delivered right before you head out!

4. Shoes

Whether this is your first time or your 15th time, having comfortable shoes to wear at Inspire is an absolute must. The last two years I’ve bought shoes that I thought were going to be comfortable and both times I missed the mark…and boy did my feet let me know. When you’re at Inspire, fashion needs to take a back seat to comfort and durability. You can easily find yourself walking 3-5 miles per day at

Inspire and when you’re not walking, you’ll be standing. There’s just not much sitting around! Now’s the time to buy a pair of shoes or two that come with a good return policy and test drive them. Walk a good bit in them, wear them all day. Make sure your feet feel good in them. You’ll thank us later!

5. Start to make Connections and setup meetings

This year with the combination of Inspire and Ready both being in Las Vegas and overlapping during the middle of the week, there will be another ~15,000-20,000 Microsoft team members in Vegas Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday & Thursday. You can potentially setup meetings with folks you may have never seen at a conference before so now is the time to figure out who/where/when and request a meeting! Kickstart that networking now!

We hope to see many of you in Las Vegas! If you’d like to meet, you can probably find us at the IAMCP booth!