As a fractional Sales VP, I often meet with CEOs and owners who want to build a predictable Sales “engine” for their business. It’s absolutely the right idea. Sales is the foundation that supports the organizations growth. Done correctly, it enables accurate forecasting and lets the sales and marketing teams collaborate effectively.

Over the years, I’ve personally built, advised, or consulted with dozens of sales & marketing organizations.

One of the things that I speak on frequently during my many presentations and webinars is that there’s no single “right” sales process for every team, there’s just the right process for your team. Every organization is unique…that’s why you have a business. If your business was the same as everyone else’s there’d be no need for you in the marketplace! Sales Leaders need to understand their market and their team to reach the best solution for that moment in the company’s evolution. There’s also a reality here. I’ve also learned when you’re building a world-class sales team and leveraging the right sales process, you need to crawl, walk and then run.

While the outcome will be different for every team, here are the evolutionary steps to achieving sales process greatness.